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The Mustang is well-known for its wild nature and free spirit, isn’t about time you unleashed your wild side?
If you have been searching for that special something that will make you stand out from the ordinary, or you simply want something unique; then, you have come to the right place. At Happy Snaps Car Hire we believe we have cornered the market when it comes to capturing your special day in our iconic Mustang.
Amaze your guests as you are driven in a 1966 Mustang. Mustangs have been shown off and made famous by Hollywood producers, time, and time, again; so…, what are you waiting for…? Let us show you off in our mustang.

Imagine the look of surprise on the groom’s face as you show up in our Mustang on your special day; alternatively, treat that special friend on Valentine’s Day, share an unforgettable experience with your father on Dad’s special day, or your Mom; if she dares. Whatever the occasion, we shall endeavour to provide a quality service that is unforgettable. At Happy Snaps Car Hire we cater for weddings, formals, debutante ball, corporate events, or a leisurely drive along Victoria’s premium wine country. If you have ever desired freedom and want to feel the sun’s rays on your face, look no further. We will make certain that when you are in our Mustang, your special day will be remembered for the right reasons – Experience the Wild Side.

Happy Snaps Car Hire caters for people who are not afraid to turn their special day or special event into an unforgettable occasion. Our drivers are specialists who strive to make your day that extra bit special. Do not be afraid to ask for the special Red-Carpet Service when you book in our Mustangs. The 1966 Mustang was the original, and still, to this day, remains the best to be seen in, when arranging that special event for yourself or for your loved ones. These stand-out cars remain the draw-card when out on the road or just idling at traffic lights. Watch heads turn as you are driven towards your desired destination; listen to the roar of the Mustang as you cruise on by.

Should you need extra information for your special event, do not hesitate to contact us via phone, or email us your requirements. We shall get back to you with a quote.


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