What is a Photobooth?

What is a Photobooth?

A Happy Snaps Photobooth is mobile photobooth that we can bring to your party or event. It is quickly set up as all we need is a level surface and a powerpoint and from there you will enjoy hearing the laughing of family & friends and seeing the smiles when people come out of the Photobooth and receive their photostrips.

The original photobooths were developed back in the 50’s and swept Amercia by storm and in the same year exported to Australia. I remember heading to Melboure as a child and jumping into a photobooth with my brothers and sisters, even back then we laughed and were so happy.

Well, the booths have changed nowadays and are fully automated and use the latest technology. The photobooths we use at Happy Snaps Photobooths are the latest fully mobile photobooths and take your digital images in either colour and/or black and white images with double copies printed for each session in the booth. We can also offer 5 different software packages to suit your party or event. All our packages also include free of charge a USB stick of all the photo’s taken at your event.

From when you sit down in the booth take your photo’s, review your photostrip on the screen and having the high quality photostrips in your hand would be around one and half minutes.

A great service Happy Snaps Photobooth offer free of charge is to include a personal message or company logo print at the bottom of each photostrip – this is a perfect reminder of your party or event for all your guests. See our gallery on this website or visit the Happy Snaps Photobooth facebook page.

The Happy Snaps Photobooths are only 197cm tall x 94cm long and 73cm wide and do not require much space to be set up.

Depending on your chosen package we can include an attendant for your event, and a Prop Box for some great laughs that add to your party or wedding. Also not to forget we can also supply a beautifully leather bound album and arrange for one of the strips from each session in the booth to be placed in it with your guests also writing a special message. A lifetime of memories.

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